Movie night at my best friends house

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Movie night at my best friends house

It was a Friday night when I decided I would go to my friend Shawn’s house to spend the night. It was just his dad and him at home; his mom had to work late. We would always go to his downs stairs movie room to watch horror flicks. It was fun but the real reason why I would go to his house was bokep sma pecah perawan to have an excuse to go into his dad’s bathroom. It was the end of my senior year and I knew that this would be my last chance to go in there. Every time I would go in there I would open the bathroom closet and take out his collection of men’s exercise magazines with the gay ads in the back and layouts with the oiled up half naked men. I had kinda always suspected that his dad, Matt, was gay or at least bisexual. Shawn had even told me that one time he found /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn on his dad’s computer.

That Friday night I laid down on the floor and started to jack off to the naked men in the magazines. I always got such an exhilarating rush lying there rubbing my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock on the cold bathroom floor. I stopped right before I had to cum so I could keep the thrill of lying there just a little longer. After I stopped I noticed Matt’s workout clothes lying in the corner. I got up and walked towards the clothes and eagerly start to sift though them until I came across his forest green bikini /underwear/">underwear. I instantly brought the underwear to my face so I could smell the /sweet/">sweet scent of his workout sweat. This made me even hornier. I laid back down on the floor and started to rub his underwear up and down my cock imagining his own cock rubbing against my naked body.

During my bathroom /fantasy/">fantasy I heard someone walking down the stairs, but it was too late, his dad walked right through the door to the sight of me stand ass naked holding his underwear in my hand and his magazines spread out on the floor. ’Why hello,’ he said with a slight smirk on his face. I was terrified. He walked in and then shut the door behind him. I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there like an idiot until I heard him say ’So do you want to just sit there imagining the real thing or do you want to see the real thing?’ Immediately after he said this I stood up and kneeled in front is his strong manly figure and started to unbutton his pants. His cock started to get hard and became clearly visible through his white boxer briefs. ’I’ve always dreamed of you old waman xxxgx sucking me off’ he said to me as I slowly pulled down both his pants and underwear reviling his very large, /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. It was so tempting; I just couldn’t keep myself from diving on to that cock as hard as possible. I took my tongue and started to play with the head tasting the sweet precum as it leaked from his warm cock. I started to take more and more of his cock in until I could fit his entire mammoth cock down my throat. His moans of please echoed trough the bathroom. I sucked his cock as hard as I could until he gave one final moan and let his /ass/ass-cum/massive-load-of-cum/">massive load of cum shoot into my mouth causing me to gag with pleasure while tasting his tangy cum slide down my throat.

As I stood up he pulled me close to him and then started to shove his tongue in to my yearning mouth. There was just something so hot about making out with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend’s dad. He paused for a moment to take of his shirt reviling his muscular semi hairy body and then he got right back to making love to me with his mouth. He stopped and then asked me, ’Do you want my cock in your ass?’ I didn’t say anything, I just turned around and he pushed my willing body against the wall. He took his hand a caressed my smooth ass while taking his finger and slowly playing with my anus. He then he shoved his cock into my ass. I let out a gasp of pleasure and /surprise/">surprise as he started to move his cock in and out of my ass causing my own cock to get even harder. The pain was unbearable. All I wanted to do was relieve myself and blow my hot and ready load of cum all over the wall.

While he was fucking me, I heard Shawn walking down the hall to the bathroom. Once again had I realized the door wasn’t locked and in came Shawn. His face at first was in shock, but with in a minute he then had the same smirk his dad did when he first walked in. Without saying a word Shawn walked over to me, got in between the wall and my naked body, knelt down in front of me, and then started to suck my hard throbbing cock. It was amazing’feeling his warm mouth over my cock while having his dad’s /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock in my ass. All I could do was moan in content at the father-/son/">son duo fulfilling my every pleasure. I couldn’t take it any longer; I screamed, ’Aw yes,’ as blew my load all over Shawn’s mouth and face.

My sweet release caused Matt to also blow another one of his massive loads in to my ass.

Matt slowly pulled his cock out me and the walked over and turned on the shower. He asked, ’Do you want to take a shower to help clean yourself off?’ ’Hell yeah,’ I said and then walked over to the shower. He then said ’Hey son, why don’t you come and help me wash him off.’ Hearing this made me instantly get hard. Ever since I first met Shawn, I have always wanted to see him naked. It was one of those things that /gay/gay-boys/">gay boys always fantasies about. Especially when your best friend’s girlfriend tells you all the time about how big his cock is. I watched in anticipation as Shawn agreed and started to strip off his clothes revealing his hard cock confirming everything his girlfriend had said. In fact it even rivaled his dad’s cock, if not bigger. When I saw this I knew that I was going to have the greatest shower ever, but that’s another story.