Rosas Locker Room DominationThe Legend Begins

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Rosas Locker Room DominationThe Legend Begins

Tami and Rosa didn't get along that good, but they had to be in the same locker room and be beside each other during softball practice to get along and help the team get more wins. Tami couldn't see her and Rosa getting along because she just didn't like the way Rosa was, with the nasty accidental farting she did in the locker room. Becca had already learned not to complain about it because the last time she did she was a little too close for comfort to Rosa's /ass/big-ass/">big ass. Rosa didn't have a problem with anybody until she found out they didn't like her.

Since she knew that Tami didn't like her, she decided to fart in her direction stinky farts. So as they were changing after a long practice, Rosa bent down to pick up her shoes as Tami bent down right behind Rosa's big ass and Rosa let out a *PPPFFFFFTTPHHHT* nearly in Tami's face. "What the fuck Rosa! You just farted in my face you /bitch/fucking-bitch/">fucking bitch what's your problem? " Tami was very disgusted and she held her nose because the smell began to flow all around the room and the rest of the girls ran out, still trying their best to get their shoes on because they knew that only Rosa could produce a funky spicy fart like that.

Tami began to cough because the smell was absolutely terrible and she tried to get past Rosa to get out of the stink room but Rosa grabbed her arm and easily sent Tami to the ground. Tami tried to scream but Rosa quickly grabbed her mouth and covered it. "Shutup Tami! You're going to get what you- *PROOOMPPHHHHHT!* deserve today!" Rosa yelled, and she began to tie Tami's wrists with rope because she came prepared knowing free porn movies download that another girl would complain about her farts. And who wouldn't? Even her own boyfriend complained about them but soon learned he had to deal with it after having to experience 3 fart tortures from Rosa.

Tami begged for Rosa not to torture her like she did Becca. "Please! Rosa I promise I won't say ANYTHING ELSE about you farting even if it's in my face! " Rosa finished tying her wrists and then got thick duct tape out and put a strip on Tami's mouth. "I know you won't complain anymore, " she said. "Not after this you won't." Rosa positioned Tami's head on the bench and squatted over her face, then she let out a soft *pffffttt* onto Tami's face and shoved her nose right into the crevice of her sweatpants, making sure she got the funky smell.

Tami crinkled up her nose as it was in Rosa's sweatpants and she began to whine and thrash around. Rosa got off of her and went over to the door to close and lock it, then went back to Tami to see her wiggling near the stalls. Rosa grabbed her and put her in a stall, then set her head on the warm toilet seat and took her sweatpants off, then sat on full hd xvideo download Tami's face and began to play with her hair. Every time she had to fart (which was very often) she'd just lift her ass a little and fart on Tami's nose. Tami tried to move her head but Rosa held it still and yelled at her.

"Be still! Don't try to fight Tami you have no choice so just sniff my gas!" Rosa yelled as she rubbed her stomach, then lifted her ass up off of Tami's face a little: *BRAMMPHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOT!* The gas shot up Tami's nose and her eyes widened and her nose began to turn red and her eyes watered. She still thrashed and fought but that couldn't get Rosa's big BIG ass off of her face. Rosa took off her panties and opened up her as cheeks right in Tami's nose and exploded a violent fart: *FROOOOOOPHHTTTTTTMPPHHHHT*

Tami began to scream as loud as she could because the smell was just killing her. It was suffering, and she had to endure pretty much every last fart that escaped Rosa's /ass/latin-ass/big-latina-ass/">big latina ass. Rosa smirked a little and then she blasted several in a row up Tami's burning nostrils and laughed. "Mmmmfffff!" Tami screamed. Rosa pulled her long hair and told her to shut up and take it as she blasted 5 more in a row straight up her nose, then her /asshole/">asshole sputtered out a mix of a little bit of shit and sweat onto Tami's nose as she began to cry.

Rosa bounced her ass on her face hard and farted a few more times until Tami could no longer take it anymore and she passed out due to a lack of fresh air. "Well, that was very fun while it lasted," Rosa got off Tami's face and put her clothes back on. "Thw next person who complains will have it much much worse."