Taking her v card

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Taking her v card

*** 100% fiction!

It was a hot summer day, and i was out to meet my /girlfriend/">girlfriend at the time. 100% Mexican, name was Vanessa. She is small and petite with nice c cups and a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. Well we meet up at the local bowling alley and she is looking great her hair in a French braid, in a tank top revealing her breast, and the tightest pair of yoga pants i had ever seen just hugging her legs and ass.

We go into the arcade to play a game of "air hockey" when she starts to reach her hand down my pants and play with my cock. She grabs a handful and plays and grinds on me till Im nice and hard, 8" i would say normal girth. When she tells me "/papi/">papi lets go to your house and have fun."

We get to my house and go to my room and she immediately starts to unbutton my pants. She gets the down and pops my cock in her mouth, and looks up at me while doing it, it was good for a virgin whose never done anything (she practiced on food items) she told me. But her sexy brown eyes had me mesmerized as she took a good portion of my cock in porn videos download her mouth and licked up and down my shaft making it soaking wet.

Then i pulled her up and undressed her and layed her down . Going down on her slowly kissing everywhere on my way down. I get to her /sweet/">sweet tiny little pussy and start to eat her out, mmmm just remembering how good she tasted makes me rock hard. I was eating her out and fingering her and so good she couldnt help but to be loud. After i decided it was xxx time i pulled up on her and slowly worked my tip in. Which made her release a loud moan and her moans were the sexiest Ive heard since. I work my cock into her pussy and shes enjoying it calling me papi and moaning so loud.

Her pussy was so tight and wet it felt amazing as i started to thrust at a good tempo she just gets louder, so i go faster and harder while pulling her hair. I switch her to doggy style so i can see that ass while fucking her. So she puts her head as far down on the bed as she can and i just start to fuck away.

Slapping a cheek ever couple of seconds, while plowing into her pussy thats soaking wet i mean my sheets were wet by how much juice was coming out of her. I grab a handful of hair and start to go as fast and hard as possible as she asked and while looking at her perfect ass i feel her tense up her pussy tightens around my cock and a scream followed, along with what seemed like a flood inside.

It felt amazing and she said she had cum but i wasnt pulling out yet, so i kept the tempo going and going until i couldnt manage her tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy her sexy body and moans any more and felt the cum coming. I started to cum and pulled out, some came inside of her while the rest of the biggest load Ive shot went all over her back and ass. To this day i still think about that pussy.