Steam Room Romp

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Steam Room Romp

I get to the /gym/">gym and began my workout as normal. I get a lot of stares from /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women when Im at the gym. I am 510 a dark skinned black male, 190 lbs and very sexy. Anyway I am working out and I see one of the personaltrainers, named Antonio, with one of his clients. He happened to be one of the sexiest men at the gym. He was a 63 latin stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv male with a /gorgeous/">gorgeous body and the sexiest eyes. I try not to stare but I cant help it. I am doing the hip abductor work out and I start to feel my cock filling with blood. I had to look away because I was almost finished with this machine and didnt want to get up with my cock at full attention. So I started at this /guy/big-guy/">big guy who was doing ab exercises on the floor. I didnt find him attractive at all so my cock slowly went limp. 

Now Im ready to get up and move to another machine, not paying attention I just happened to sit next to Antonio and his client. I didnt want to be rude so I spoke to him and he smiled and said "hello." I almost busted a nut all over myself when he smiled at me. I began to speak to him and his client about how long Ive been coming here and what exercises do the best for me and Antonio gave me a few more pointers and told me hed show me one day when he was free doing his workout. I agreed, like I would say no and kept exercising.

I told Antonio that I always hit the whirlpool when I am finished working out. Then I usually do some laps in the pool and jump in the /sauna/">sauna and steam room. He told me that was good to loosen stiff muscles. And I really had a stiff muscle, getting even stiffer by the moment. I constantly tried to take glimpses of Antonios cock imprint in his windbreaker pants without him noticing. But I slipped up and he started to say something else and saw where my eyes were looking and stopped in mid sentence. Embarrassed, I finished off my workout on that machine and headed down to the wet area. I said my farewells to Antonio and his client. I couldnthelp but think that I really messed up and he would tell all of the other trainers what had happened. While sitting in the whirlpool that was all I could think about. So afterwards to get my mind off of it, I decided to swim some laps in the pool. I did about three laps and I seen Antonios client leaving. It was about 10 pm and the club would close in an hour. There were probablyabout 20 people in the whole club. I started to get cold so I decided to get in the sauna I would have got in the steam room but it was being cleaned and she had the door opened letting all the steam out. 

About five minutes later I see her leave . About another five minutes went pass and I decided to jump over in the steam room. I walked in and the steam was thick thicker than usual. I couldnt anything. When I walk in a girl is leaving out and says be careful that stuff is thick. She said theres o one in there so you have the whole room to yourself.Im in for about two minutes and the door swings open and I see a tall figure walk in. The figure spoke and I notice that it was Antonio. He sat on the other side of the steam room and all I could do was picture his half naked body sitting there sweating, while the sweat rolled down his abs and hit his pants to settle slowly down into his pubic hairs. He said did you get a good workout. I said yeah, It was good. He said I love this steam it always seems to make me stand at attention man I wish I had one of these sexy- Just when I thought he was going to say /women/">women here right now he said, /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass brutha to help me get it down. I said can I be of some assistance, he said hows that. I stated, I show you.

I walk over to Antonio who is sitting on the top level and began to rub on his 9" cock that was damn near busting out of his trunks. He then opened his legs wide for me to slide between. He said dont worry no one will find us. I then white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie began to slide his cock out of his trunks and began to show him how good he had it. He began to moan, he got louder and louder. As I use the skills I had learned years ago on him. He told me he had been needing to get off all day and that he might cum soon. He told me that he had just got a check up and that he was clean. I heard everything he said. How couldnt I he said it in such a high pitched voice. I began to slow down and enjoy his cock. I felt him starting to /climax/">climax I let up some to push it back. He the said no dont, keep going, Ohhhhhhh, moaning as I continued faster and faster until I felt his body stiffen. 

His balls which I had been playing with sunk up in his body and I felt his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum shoot down the back of my throat. Then I pulled away and she kept shooting large shots of cumm all over my mouth. And I licked it up with no problem. As he sat there body going limp He told me to cum here and began to kiss me and licked my face to help clean up his cum. I sat there precumming in my shorts decided to pull my 8" cock out and start jacking off. But before I could Antonio grabbed mine and started beating my cock. He stroked faster and faster and within seconds I shot long streaks of cum all over his chest and stomach. he began to rub it in as if it was lotion. while we made out for another few minutes then decided to leave..... Tillthis day we try match our day in the steam room using his shower to steam up the bathroom its not the same but hey it works.